Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Mobile Chamber

The Chamber is committed to being an inclusive organization. We strive to have an environment within our organization that fosters and encourages diversity, reflective of the makeup of our community. We believe diversity of thought enriches discussion, results in better judgment and enhances the growth and development of our organization and our community as well.

To accomplish this, the Chamber commits to:

  • Annually review the makeup of our board of directors with a special emphasis on diversity.
  • Encourage diversity on our committees and task forces.
  • Recruit and nurture new leadership roles for our organization from among women and minorities.
  • Work to attract more diversity in our membership.
  • Ensure diversity is reflected in the makeup of our staff.
  • Provide in-service training for staff on valuing diversity and sensitivity in the workplace.
  • Ensure our purchasing procedures are open and available to all members.
  • Encourage staff participation in minority affairs, events and activities.
  • Support our members, customers and suppliers in their efforts to encourage diversity within their companies or organizations.